All In The Family

In 1998 our mom (wife) bought a brand new Honda CRV. Around 2004, we were the lucky recipients of her old cast off – perfect since our old garage attendants loved to drive it around when we weren’t looking. Or so they thought. #truestory

the beast in the CRV, first car ride and he screamed like a girl

So when it came time for us to get a new old car, we passed the CRV on to our sister (husband) in 2010. With leftover fur matted in the back-back.

the beast in the back-back of the new old car

And now 250,000+ miles later the time has come…but not to worry for she’s moving upstate (the CRV not the sister) and now the MIL gets to tool around in everyone’s favorite mobile.

thankfully she worked visitation rights in to the deal

See you upstate!

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November 29th, 2013 at 12:53 pm

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