Can You Tell Me How To Get

En route to/from the shop, we often are stopped and asked directions. Am guessing leash in hand, tethered to the beast is a clear indicator we live somewhere nearby.
upstate craft beer & oyster bar

Always happy to provide a little guidance, we’ll share whatever knowledge we may have. Over the last couple of years we’ve noticed that many of you are seeking the same information:

  • Is east this way or that way?
  • Is west this way or that way?
  • Where’s the PATH station? 
  • Where’s Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment?
  • Where’s Ground Zero?
  • Where’s Washington Square Park?
  • Where’s Christopher Street?
  • What kind of dog is that?

Any other questions or directions needed, just let us know.

See you upstate!


Written by gavincovey

June 23rd, 2013 at 10:08 am

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