Unreal the passing of James Gandolfini, right?! Awesome on the Sopranos but we also have a great New York story about him, as it includes BuckShowalter.

the old rug…before i peed all over it

Three months old and a mere 12lbs when we signed up for puppy socialization classes at the Tribeca Soho Animal Hospital and for three consecutive Sundays eight puppies and their owners learned how to behave.

four day old beast

Six dogs were teeny tiny and two: BuckShowalter and Duke were brutes. Like an awesomely bad 1950’s Godzilla movie, they lumbered about destroying everything in their path. Scaring the crap out of puppies and owners alike. Literally.

perfect example why dogs should wear pants

Gandolfini was Duke’s owner, only we (wife) didn’t realize who he was until the third and final session. A sudden under-the-breath ohmygod was all the husband needed to know that it was finally known.

So our walk home went something like this:

WIFE: you knew?
HUSBAND: yes of course I knew from the moment we walked in and I saw him
WIFE: why didn’t you tell me?
HUSBAND: it would have been Billy Baldwin all over again
WIFE: how was I to know he was standing right behind me?
HUSBAND: that’s why I told you not to look
WIFE: if you tell someone not to look, they will automatically look – it’s uncontrollable
HUSBAND: this conversation is uncontrollable

Only in NY folks, only in NY. Our condolences to the Gandolfini family, an amazing actor and awesome dog owner.

See you upstate!

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June 20th, 2013 at 11:57 am

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