Rivers And Seas Of Beer

The mighty words of Charles Bukowski. And speaking of beer, we’ve got a new brew review for you…an NYC exclusive, well on the island of Manhattan. We’re first!

singlecut dark lyric lager

SingleCut Dark Lyric Lager

SingleCut Beersmiths opened in November and is the only microbrewery in Queens, specializing in lagers. We’ve got their first release: Dark Lyric Lager – a deep, dark hue that’s crazy hoppy. Um it’s pitch black folks. And tasty!

singlecut beersmiths

Hey thanks for the pix singlecutbeer.com

Lagers can be just as interesting as ales. I want to reverse the notion that they are boring and watery dares Rich Buceta, head brewer and president. SingleCut Beersmiths is all about self-distributing, which will allow them to have a bromance with Shane closer relationships with retailers. Come and taste for yourself.

See you upstate!

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January 7th, 2013 at 9:40 pm

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