Inflight Review Part Deux

The beast is back from his upstate vacation, which means so are we. After an 8 hour flight and lots of movie watching. Bon jour!

Magic Mike
WIFE: An opening scene with butt and boob shots seems promising but alas this movie was full-on cheese
HUSBAND: I will never watch this movie. Ever.

The Five-Year Engagement
WIFE: Thought this was going to be the super cheesy movie of the lot but actually had a few laugh out loud scenes, in which I did just that
HUSBAND: I watched the opening scene and then turned it off before the opening credits started

CSI technically not a movie but we both ended up watching a couple of episodes
WIFE: I fell asleep halfway through the episode
HUSBAND: Solved it within the first 20 minutes but prefer William Petersen episodes over Laurence Fishburne ones

We are closed NYE for a private party and giving the staff a well deserved day off tomorrow, New Year’s Day but we will be open on Wednesday @5pm sharp. Happy New Year!

See you upstate!

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December 31st, 2012 at 9:59 am

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