Inflight Reviews

Still in Paris but thought to share a synopsis or two of the movies we watched on our flight.

First up is Ted
HUSBAND: Boston accents are always funny so while the storyline was a little soft, lots of good one liners
WIFE: a bear that does a Boston accent and bong hits never gets old but fell asleep before the end

The Dark Knight Rises
HUSBAND: epic set but too many many story lines not only diluted the plot but made it slow moving and Anne Hathaway was not necessary
WIFE: was asleep on the plane but having recently watched it at home am in agreement

Men In Black III
HUSBAND: typical big block buster with bland overall mass appeal
WIFE: was asleep on the plane but can proudly state that I have never seen any of the Men In Black movies, same goes for Titanic too

The Borne Legacy
HUSBAND: was the best of all the movies I watched although we landed before the ending
WIFE: was asleep on the plane but think Jeremy Renner is kinda hot, short but hot

So while we are eating oysters every night in Paris, the shop is open tomorrow, Wednesday folks.

See you upstate!

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December 25th, 2012 at 5:38 pm

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