Our A’s To Your Q’s

It’s that time again folks. Answers your burning questions. You sure are nosey an inquisitive lot.

Q: Why do you wear that red baseball hat all the time?
A: Hair restraint is required for anyone in the kitchen and it’s more stylish than a hairnet

Q: Why do you refer to beer as draught and not draft like the rest of us?
A: Same reason why we serve beer in different styles of glassware, because it’s proper

Q: Why does a place named upstate serve beers that are not from NY?
A: We pay homage to our childhood as well as NY’s role in the beer industry but we also support any small batch or limited release quality products and sustainable practices regardless of geography

See you upstate!

Written by gavincovey

November 27th, 2012 at 11:31 am

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