Holiday Onslaught

Well folks, one week from today is Thanksgiving. Since Halloween was canceled this year, Thanksgiving is now the official kick-off. So who’s ready? Not us.

Last year’s pate party hell yeah (official name)…hey thanks for the pix Noah Fecks

Now that we (wife) have mastered the art of pate making, that is exactly what we will be bringing to Thanksgiving dinner. And champagne. Duh. While we may consume champagne in quantities that rival rap stars, we refrain from poppin Cristal but stick with its producer Louis Roederer.

Image courtesy of Roederer Estate

The Roederer American Estate, Anderson Valley produces an award-winning sparkling wine that adheres to their 200-year tradition of fine winemaking. So technically not champagne but for less than $20/bottle it’s pretty damn good.

See you upstate!

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November 15th, 2012 at 1:46 pm

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