Fancy-Pants Oysters This Evening

World famous both in name and reputation, the Belon Oyster is culitivated in the Belon River, France and has the AOC protected name. Meaning they’ve got that whole only Champagne from Champagne can be classified as Champagne thing going on. That is with the exception of the good old crunchy state of Maine…

Maine can market Belon Oysters because they are a population of closeted francophiles the same species as the French Belon that were transplated from France in the 1950’s and grow wild in the Damariscotta River. Only about 5000 are harvested each year so availability is very limited – but guess who has them?

Large, round, with a relatively shallow cup and scallop shaped shell tinged vibrant green from the area’s algae. The algae part is on the house. You’re welcome. So come on by and slurp down a few. Think that’s enough geography for the day.

See you upstate!


Written by gavincovey

December 21st, 2011 at 8:37 pm

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