Debunking the Mignonette Myth

A little hydrating and caffeinating this morning to fend off the previous evening’s holiday festivities. Ah the magic of McDonald’s, as much as we love oysters there’s nothing like a QuarterPounder with Cheese’s 510 calories to take the edge off.

Let’s set the record straight people – we have mignonette sauce. Always have. We make it with Hidalgo’s La Gitana, it has long been one of the most reliable and true manzanilla sherries, an almost water-white, bone dry with a flavorful tang. Not too sure how this whole kooky we don’t serve mignonette sauce rumor got started…um actually we’re looking at you @schmooey.

We are all about serving freshly simple seafood. We encourage people to try a bite or two as is before deciding to add on sauces. And always happy to provide cocktail, mignonette and hot sauces along with horseradish. We’re even trying a new hand prepared horseradish from Saratoga, NY that we (husband) find to be nose burn worthy.

If we forget to offer, just ask. So please everyone, no more BYOM. We good? Great. Because we have an excellent selection of oysters and new beers on draught for you to enjoy this weekend.

See you upstate!


Written by gavincovey

December 17th, 2011 at 4:09 pm

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